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The Best Weapon Build and Artifact Build for Baal in Genshin Impact

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The Raiden Shogun has finally arrived. Despite everything, this tyrannical god manages to join the fray, allowing players to summon her once Genshin Impact 2.1 goes live. Seemingly ‘obsessed’ with the idea of ‘Eternity’, Baal ordered the Vision Hunt Decree, chasing down and obtaining the Visions of the Inazuma people for the sake of reaching ‘divinity’. Our Electro Archon has mastered two types of weapons, with a polearm as her main, and a tachi as her trump card.

Raiden Shogun, also known as Baal, is a 5-Star Polearm-wielding Electro character, specializing in massive bursts of damage and high-frequency applications of the Electro element. Electro has always been the underdog in a lot of DPS charts since the game’s release, and Baal’s arrival has changed all of that. Her Elemental Skill makes her an amazing support for Electro-reaction and Superconduct teams, while her Burst turns her into possibly one of the best Sub-DPS characters in the game. 

Abilities Overview

Transcendence: Baleful Omen is Baal’s Elemental Skill. She unveils a shard of her Euthymia, dealing a burst of Electro DMG around her, and granting nearby allies the Eye of Stormy Judgment. This buff provides allies with a coordinated attack, dealing AoE Electro damage to the target. 

This ability is her bread and butter for the supporting role, which is ideal for applying a lot of electro reactions, and along with a bit of damage each time it strikes. The damage isn’t spectacular, but it’s a great supplement to her more powerful Elemental Burst.

Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu is Baal’s Elemental Burst. Baal immediately deals massive Electro damage around her, and activates Musou Isshin for 7 seconds. During Musou Isshin, her attacks are significantly enhanced, deal Electro damage, and generate energy for the whole party in a set number of attacks. 

The duration and cooldown of her Burst are moderately short, which makes her more of a secondary DPS rather than a main DPS character. There’s a certain mechanic to this ability, which are Resolve stacks. When your other characters spend energy, they get converted into Resolve stacks for Baal. These Resolve stacks are consumed after Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu’s activation, which then significantly enhances her damage during Musou Isshin.

Baal also provides a lot of team-wide energy during her Burst, which solidifies her role as a Sub DPS character. 

Best Weapon Build for Baal

Engulfing Lightning – Tailor-made for the Raiden Shogun, this weapon provides a lot of base ATK, Energy Recharge, and additional ATK based on her current ER stat. The weapon’s ER-to-ATK conversion pumps up her damage significantly, which makes it essentially her best-in-slot.

Deathmatch – Tried and tested, this Battle Pass weapon has been a staple on a lot of DPS-oriented polearm users, and Baal is no exception. Despite its relatively low base ATK, it compensates for its very high Crit Rate substat, and a sizable ATK boost from its passive. 

The Catch – This weapon is–on paper–the best 4-star option for the Raiden Shogun, as it provides a lot of ATK, ER, and boosts to her Elemental Burst. However, having ER as the weapon’s substat makes it challenging to balance a good Critical ratio for Baal. Although, thanks to its accessibility, The Catch is still a great weapon to use.

Best Artifact Build for Baal

Emblem of Severed Fate (4-piece) – This set provides a decent 20% ER, while also converting 25% of the character’s ER into bonus Elemental DMG, up to 75%. Baal heavily benefits from a lot of ER, so it’s no surprise that this set supplements Baal’s setup quite well. 

The practical stat allocation would be ER on the sands (ATK% if the weapon already provides ER), ATK% on the goblet, and Crit Rate/DMG on the circlet. Since one of Baal’s talents provides her with 0.4 Electro DMG bonus for every point in ER above 100%, a practical 200% ER setup gives her 40% Electro DMG, which is almost as good as an Electro DMG goblet. Having an ATK% Goblet gives Baal the much needed ATK% stat that’s missing in the whole setup, and ends up increasing her DPS than having an Electro DMG goblet.

2 Thundering 2 Gambler – This setup focuses on maximum damage on her Elemental Skill, which acts much like a turret that works when Baal is not on the field. This mixed set sacrifices a lot of Elemental Burst damage, but can sometimes be better on teams that specialize in off-field damage. 

Best Team Composition for the Raiden Shogun

Electro-Charge Sucrose – Surprisingly, Baal fits in this team comp like a tight glove. This team relies on Sucrose dealing constant swirls while delivering three different off-field abilities to create reactions. The combination of Beidou’s burst, Baal’s skill, and Xingqiu’s Burst create a non-stop barrage of Electro-charged reactions. The caveat of the original setup is that all the character’s bursts are very costly (at 80 Energy), which Baal easily fixes thanks to her Musou Isshin Energy restoration.

Eula Battery Eula simply needs two things: Energy for her 80-cost burst, and Electro for her Superconduct. Baal perfectly supplements her, while also filling Eula’s downtime when her Burst is on cooldown. Musou Isshin’s Energy restoration gives a lot of Energy that Eula needs, while Baal’s Elemental Skill is a long-lasting Electro turret that provides constant Superconducts for Eula.

Universal Sub-DPS – Baal can still fill in for many teams, especially those that use a lot of high-cost Elemental Bursts. Her team-wide energy restoration is universally useful, like in Kazuha and Beidou comps. Her Electro application might not be very desirable on a lot of meta comps, though players can easily choose not to activate her skill, but only her burst for the Energy and damage.

The Raiden Shogun is a great support who can provide a lot of utility, and sometimes bursts of damage when needed. She has a lot of intricacies as an Electro character, but Travelers who can make good use of Baal will find her as a meta-defining Archon, especially for months to come.