Video: Zion Williamson wins McDonald All-American Dunk Contest
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Video: Zion Williamson wins McDonald All-American Dunk Contest

Zion Williamson

Top flight college hoops prospect and man-child Zion Williamson walked into the gym of Morehouse College in Atlanta Monday night and came out of the place as the new McDonald’s All-American Dunk Contest. Of course, he would win it. What did people expect?

Reigning NBA slam dunk titlist Donovan Mitchell could have joined the contest and even his presence might not be enough to see a different outcome with the way Williamson was shotgunning one monster throwdown after another.

Here are some slams in the event from the future Duke Blue Devils standout.

There is no way another high schooler would have beaten Williamson in a dunk off. Even those dunks that he flubbed looked good enough to merit a score of an eight or even a nine.

Way before he committed to attend that school at Durham in college, Zion Williamson was already a celebrity of his own. His in-game dunks have regularly been going viral, and his star is only about to get exponentially brighter once he begins his stint with the Blue Devils.

Speaking of which, Duke has done an incredible job of injecting fresh blood into its basketball program. The Blue Devils have secured the commitment of the top three ESPN 100 2018 prospects in No. 1 R.J. Barrett, No. 2 Williamson, and No. 3 Cam Reddish. Those three are expected to lead the Blue Devils back into another NCAA Tournament appearance after crashing out of it in the Elite Eight round, no thanks to a loss to the Kansas Jayhawks.