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Analyst says ’emotional attachments’ could hurt Vikings


The Minnesota Vikings have always been about rewarding players they drafted with big contracts if they earn them but Jason Fitzgerald of Over the Cap thinks it’s going to hurt them the next few years. The Vikings have the salary cap situation figured out for this year, but in 2020 there could be some issues, and that’s where Fitzgerald sees issues.

The first problem that Fitzgerald sees is the way they handled the extension of Antony Barr. Instead of extending him early and saving some cap space, the Vikings waited until he was a free agent to get a deal done.

“There are two difficult things I believe for the Vikings navigating their cap next year. The first should come from emotional attachments. There were two moves this offseason that surprised me to some extent this year. The first was the re-signing of linebacker Anthony Barr to a five year $67.5 million contract. Barr was a decent player at a relatively replaceable position. Minnesota failed to extend him in 2017 and 2018 more or less throwing away $14 million in old money guarantees and two years of proration that they could have used in this contract had they just re-signed him then.”

Fitzgerald also didn’t like the way they handled the Kyle Rudolph situation. The Vikings pushed the contract for Rudolph down into future years, and that is going to hurt the salary cap going forward.

If the Vikings win the Super Bowl, no one will care about the salary cap issues going forward, but this is something that could turn into a huge issue going forward.