The 2020-2021 NBA playoffs are near and the Western Conference race for the eighth seed is as close as ever. The Warriors, who are currently at the 10th seed with a 23-26 record, suffered a defeat so horrible that you wouldn’t blame the coaches or players if they had all the fight drained out of them.

However, in the 130-77 defeat against the Toronto Raptors, one player on the Warriors tried to remain cheerful amid the 53 point defeat. The one and only Stephen Curry was seen messing around on the sidelines while the Warriors suffered one of their most embarrassing losses this year, via Bleacher Report:

According to ABC7 News, Curry sat out as he was still dealing with a tailbone injury he suffered against the Houston Rockets a few weeks ago. Curry’s behavior while on the sideline could be interpreted both positively or negatively by the NBA world.

It could be positive for Warriors fans in that Curry’s playful demeanor could indicate that this one night will not affect their future performance and that Curry will be ready to help the Warriors get back on track. On the other hand, his antics could be seen in a negative light, as Curry makes light of the situation against the Raptors.

Though the latter mindset is highly unlikely, especially from a 3-time NBA champion, Curry not being fazed by the blowout loss can prove to be a little concerning for some fans, as Curry’s and possibly other player’s attitude may affect their ability to clinch the eighth seed.

Hopefully, Curry comes back to the court soon for the Warriors and guides them to the playoffs in what’s about to be a difficult journey ahead of them.