Despite missing his team’s last two games, Golden State Warriors star guard Stephen Curry still found a way to be with his teammates inside their private plane ─ at least in their team photo.

The former back-to-back MVP shared the picture on his Instagram account recently, where he photoshopped himself lying on the floor and hugging a teddy bear, appearing to be with the rest of the Dubs players, while they posed for the photo.

Stephen Curry is slated to miss two weeks of action, while he recovers from an ankle injury he suffered against the New Orleans Pelicans. The Warriors superstar will be re-evaluated by team doctors by then, to check if he's ready to resume all basketball-related activities.

The good news for Curry is that the Warriors have won six straight games, which will allow him to rest his injured ankle and not be forced to return to action ahead of schedule. If he'll get back on the court in a week's time, the Warriors will be even more difficult to beat as they try to put more pressure on the Houston Rockets, who currently own the best record in the NBA.