When the Houston Rockets were eliminated by the Golden State Warriors in Game 7, it wasn't a surprise that some of the Rockets fans took it hard, but some of the fans seemed to take it a little too far.


One guy, who appeared to be a little drunk, decided it would be a good idea to try to fight a Warriors fan that was wearing a Draymond Green jersey.

It's unclear what exactly started the fight from the video but the Warriors and Rockets fan tried to throw a few haymakers at each other, but it turned out to be just a bunch of shoving and yelling, and a little bit of beer did fly too.

It's unclear exactly who started the fight, but a good guess would be the Rockets fan wasn't in the best mood and decided it would be a good idea to talk some trash to the winning teams fans.

Rockets fans seemed kind of unruly all game with a lot of questionable calls coming against the Rockets, and not saying it's an excuse for the fans to start a fight, but it's really not a surprise that it ended up happening.

The Rockets now need to regroup and have a lot of questions coming into this offseason. Will they re-sign Chris Paul and Clint Capela or will they let one of them walk?

There are also a lot of questions about if they will have the cap space to go after LeBron James and try to make the next super team in the NBA.