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Buddy Hield, Kings

Why Buddy Hield’s trade stock is dropping daily

Buddy Hield’s time with the Sacramento Kings seems to be on the verge of ending. It’s no secret that he is unhappy and wants to leave the organization, which is only making his trade stock drop with teams knowing he wants out.

On the daily Locked On Bucks Podcast, host Kane Pitman is joined by Matt George (Locked On Kings) to discuss Buddy Hield and the likely end of his Kings career:

Matt George: I will say this and it should hopefully tell you and your listeners everything you need to know, as a Kings fan, I’m done with Buddy Hield. I’m to the point where I recognize his talent, I even recognize how good of a fit that he could be in Sacramento. The problem is, he has to want to be that fit, he has to want to be that role, and he doesn’t. From the second Buddy Hield got paid, he felt that he deserves the same amount of praise, the same amount of attention, the same amount of commitment from the team as De’Aaron Fox does, or as Giannis would in Milwaukee. That was Buddy Hield’s mindset. I admire that mindset in some capacity because you have to have that kind of mindset to be successful and to be a star.

The problem is, Buddy Hield can’t be a star unless he’s playing his role. It’s his role that got him paid. It’s his role, which is shooting nearly 50% from catch-and-shoot 3s … That is what got him the contract that he has, and make no mistake about it, Buddy Hield is one of the top-five 3-point shooters in the NBA today. We know how important the 3-point shot is, so there is definitely value with Buddy Hield. It’s between the ears, his noggin, it’s what’s going on inside his brain that is his ultimate problem.

I’m really trying to not bash on the guy because not all of the Kings’ problems are his fault. He hasn’t done himself any favors by publicly complaining, by pouting on the bench, by having an attitude with the media, attitude with his teammates, attitude with his coaches, though. He didn’t like Dave J; he was one of the major reasons why Dave Joerger was fired. Luke Walton was brought in and Buddy says he likes Luke Walton to start. Now Buddy’s saying he doesn’t like Luke Walton anymore and won’t return Walton’s phone calls. At some point, you have to recognize what’s the consistent problem here, and Buddy Hield is definitely a consistent part of that problem.