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Vince McMahon returns to a WWE ring to introduce John Cena

WWE, Vince McMahon, John Cena, RAW

John Cena has been a member of WWE for 20 years and fans the world over couldn’t be more excited to celebrate his accomplishment.

Current stars sought out the 16-time world champion for advice heading into their matches, stars of yesteryear – even ones who work for AEW – sent in video packages celebrating Cena’s efforts, and even the companies higher-ups, including Stephanie McMahon and Triple H showed some respect to the man the latter called the “Franchise Player.”

So naturally, with the whole WWE Universe celebrating one of its favorite homegrown superstars, it only made sense that the man who helped to make him a household name, Vince McMahon, would get in on the fun and come down to the ring, with his iconic music announcing his arrival to the fans in Texas, and just sort of… announce the return of Cena, something the show had been doing for the better part of two hours.

Huh, I guess the fans who openly wondered whether or not McMahon would lay low in the aftermath of his ousting as WWE’s CEO and Chairman of the Board now have their answer: McMahon isn’t going anywhere, not as the promotion’s top booker across multiple brands and not as an in-ring personality who can still talk, strut, and even throw a few clotheslines for good measure too, even if his days of taking stunners from Steve Austin should probably stay in the past forever. Who knows, McMahon may be back ringside with Theory before we know it, even if the growing allegations against him makes that sort of hard to justify.