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The Street Profits get to pick the stipulation at WWE’s Money in the Bank

WWE, The Street Profits,The Usos, Money in the Bank, RAW

After watching Angelo Dawkins take care of Jimmy Uso on the previous episode of RAW, Montez Ford had a lot of pressure on his shoulders heading into a singles match of his own against the WWE‘s other Uso – Jay, not Sami Zayn. If he won the match, the Street Profits would earn the rights to pick the stipulation for their tag team title match at Money in the Bank. And if not? Well, The Usos would earn that honor, which, considering they are already the RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Champions, is a pretty darn big advantage.

Fortunately, the Profits got a little extra oomph of help from John Cena, who gave them some advice before stepping foot in the ring.

The results? A big-time win by Ford, who put in work between the ropes, outside of the ropes, and from high above them on the way to a big-time win over Jay. The duo of Dawkins and Ford now each have a win over an Uso and have to be riding the momentum into Money in the Bank, where they will pick what kind of match they have on the Las Vegas-based Pay-Per-View.

Will it work? Will taking on the Usos in, say, a Las Vegas street fight or a ladder match give the Street Profits an advantage over their opponents, or will the other members of The Bloodline prove too talented for their RAW counterparts, who haven’t held tag team title since January? Only time, as they say, will tell.