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2 best destinations for Evan Mobley in 2021 NBA draft

Evan Mobley, NBA draft

With the 2021 NBA draft two weeks away, numerous prospects such as Evan Mobley are projected to one day become stars of the league. The journey that each player has been through has prepared them for this moment to be drafted by a franchise that can use their impact on the floor. The biggest story of the night will be the lottery picks and which teams will either draft players or make trades in the night.

One of the most anticipated talents in the Draft is power forward Evan Mobley.

Mobley is a five star athlete who was ranked number three in the nation alongside number two in the state of California. On August 5, 2019, Evan Mobley made the commitment to the University of Southern California, being coached by his father Eric and play alongside his brother Isaiah Mobley.

Evan Mobley averaged 16.4 points per game along with 8.7 rebounds in his freshman season. He led the Trojans to a 15-5 record in the PAC-12 and also won player of the year. Due to his excellence at both ends of the floor, USC advanced to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament, where they lost to Gonzaga during their run.

The impressive part of Mobley’s game is his ability to play on both ends of the floor. On defense, he can be an interior protector by blocking shots and crashing the glass. On offense, he shows the ability to play both inside and out, using his size and frame to his advantage against smaller defenders. As Evan Mobley remained atop of the best players in the NCAA this past season, his draft stock increased as the Trojans made a deep run in the Tournament.

Mobley’s ceiling is only projected to get higher. There are a few franchises in the NBA who could help him elevate into an all-star potential. As Evan Mobley is projected to land in spots 2-5 in the NBA Draft, the team that has the opportunity to draft him will utilize him to his maximum.

Evan Mobley NBA draft destinations:

Cleveland Cavaliers

The time has been overdue for the Cavaliers to make roster changes. The team has already begun the offseason by exploring opportunities to trade Collin Sexton. Another player who should possibly be out the door soon is Kevin Love, a player who has been with the franchise for seven years. Trading Love and other frontcourt players could open an opportunity for Mobley to make an impact for the Cavaliers immediately.

Evan Mobley could be a great fit in Cleveland because of his potential to be the franchise player. He already shows tremendous leadership on the floor by setting the tone on both ends and making winning plays. The only thing that needs to be added to Mobley’s game is NBA experience so he can transition into a leader for the franchise.

Toronto Raptors

Are the Raptors looking to make drastic changes to their roster? After winning an NBA Championship two seasons ago, the team missed the playoffs this past season for the first time since 2013. Kyle Lowry is more likely out of the door as he intends to sign with another team in free agency. But the Raptors are also looking to ship Pascal Siakam, which may open the door for Evan Mobley to start at the power forward.

Jurassic Park would greet Mobley with open arms. The Raptors’ franchise loves players who are willing to make hustle plays for the better of the team. Once the Raptors watch Mobley continue to lead and develop as a player, his opportunities will continue to grow and may become a number one option. It may sound insane for Toronto to trade away their most improved player, Pascal Siakam. But Evan Mobley is a talent that a team takes the risk for and builds for the future.