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Broncos coach Vance Joseph won’t stop players from celebrating

Vance Joseph, Broncos

Despite having good reason to dislike celebrations at the moment, Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph says he won’t prevent players from having fun when the time calls for it.

For those who are unaware of why Vance Joseph might be anti-celebrations, Broncos safety Justin Simmons hurt himself during a celebratory routine. While it wasn’t the worst thing in the history of the National Football League, the anti-fun police would likely use it as evidence as to why players should “act like they’ve been there before.”

“Simmons injured his ankle celebrating Brandon Marshall’s strip-sack,” wrote Nicki Jhabvala of the Denver Post. “[Coach Vance] Joseph: ‘What do you say to Justin — don’t celebrate? Don’t have fun? Just flukey.’”

For what it is worth, Simmons believes, pending the MRI, he should be fine.

“I should be all right,” Simmons said, per Jhabvala. “I don’t know 100 percent, really. We do the MRI tomorrow [Monday], but I’m being a little optimistic. Hopefully I’ll be all right for Thursday. I think it’s just a bad ankle roll. I don’t even know. Tough break. It’s almost like a freak accident, but I’m going to be completely optimistic. Walking around in this boot, even putting pressure on it before the boot, it wasn’t terrible. It was tolerable. I bet tomorrow is going to be worse, but if I can get the swelling down and the pain down. Like I said, I’m trying to be optimistic. I want to play Thursday.”

Anyway, it is refreshing to hear a coach not go into cliche mode or be a sourpuss about this kind of stuff. Maybe you don’t agree with players celebrating, but there’s really no need to add insult to injury.