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Antonio Brown’s Buccaneers walkout vs. Jets becomes an NFT, expected to fetch crazy price

Antonio Brown, Antonio Brown NFT, Buccaneers

After making headlines in the NFL in the past weeks, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Antonio Brown is now set to make waves in the NFT space.

Apparently, a viral video of him during his infamous walkout is becoming an NFT and will be up for auction. To recall, during the Buccaneers’ Week 17 showdown with the New York Jets, Brown stripped off his jersey, shirt and other gears mid-game before walking out the field. The shocking turn of events spread like wildfire online, with various media outlets and individuals who watched the game releasing videos of the incident.

One of such videos showed Brown taking off his shirt on the sidelines, taken by a fan who was probably just as surprised as anyone else by what’s happening.

The said NFT of the former Buccaneers wideout is 1-1, which means there will be no others minted like it. With that said, it is expected to fetch $1.5 million.

The auction is organized by Viral Heirs, who said they have acquired the “exclusive rights to create an NFT using the Antonio Brown video where he took his clothes off and ran out of the stadium.”

“Antonio Brown left the field during a game, all caught by a Jets fan that has now been shared millions of times in one of the most viral moments in recent sports history. Now you can own that moment in this NFT auction that will forever change the Memorabilia landscape,” Viral Heirs wrote in the description of the NFT.

Bidding starts on January 13, so Buccaneers fans (and NFL supporters in general) won’t have to wait for long if the hype surrounding the saga will propel the Antonio Brown NFT to massive heights.