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Bulls’ Zach LaVine doesn’t want to go home in April in 2019-20

Zach LaVine

Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine is looking to do some great things with his team this coming season. Speaking to of Gerald Bourget of FanSided, the 24-year-old admitted that at this point in his career, he believes that he is already overdue a postseason run.

“Yeah, I mean that’s tough, man. It’s all a little bit of a good and a bad thing because you always want to look out for your health and the team is a business at the end of the day too, but we’re very competitive,” he explained. “But I’m good, I’m healthy, I’m ready to start the season. I want to play all 82 next year — actually, I wanna play more than 82, I don’t wanna go home in April. I’ve been in the NBA for five years now going on six. I’ve had some big nights in the NBA, but I haven’t played in a playoff game. I’m looking forward to trying to compete for those.”

As he mentioned, LaVine has yet to play in a single playoff game throughout his five-year career. He hopes for a different outcome this season, as he has already gotten too familiar with having to head home for his summer vacation as soon as the regular season comes to a close.

LaVine went on to say that in his mind, he thinks his Bulls have a legitimate shot at making the playoffs this season, and that some folks are currently underestimating the type of potential their team holds.

“I mean, of course, but I feel like that’s the way it has to be though,” LaVine said. “You know, until you show the caliber of play that you guys are capable of, you’re going to get slept on. It’s all speculation anyway for people judging that, so I feel like it’s a good thing. You go in there with a chip on your shoulder. It’s always good to surprise people.”

The Bulls have been pretty bad the past couple of years, winning a combined 49 games in two seasons, but for Lavine and company, they are definitely looking for a change of pace in the upcoming campaign.