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Brad Stevens says coaching adjustments in the playoffs are often overblown

Celtics, Brad Stevens

The Boston Celtics will anticipate a change of plans after handing the Milwaukee Bucks a 112-90 beatdown on their home floor in Sunday’s Game 1. However, head coach Brad Stevens is not expecting any major changes to their plans, saying there’s often “way too big of a deal” made about adjustments from game to game..

“You’re not going to change the whole way you play in one day,” said Stevens, according to Jay King of The Athletic.

Star point guard Kyrie Irving noted that he expects “probably some adjustments on our pick-and-rolls” from the Bucks, but nothing that would change the fiber of how they’ve played and what has led them to an NBA-best 60-win season.

Al Horford proved a stalwart on defense, smothering Giannis Antetokounmpo throughout Game 1, but Stevens isn’t expecting this every game from his trusty veteran center.

“I mean, Giannis could have 40 on any given night and be guarded with the same exact intensity and focus because he’s that good,” said the coach.

The Celtics were a game shy of reaching the NBA Finals without Irving or Gordon Hayward, but Horford feels the Celtics are even more confident than last time, knowing they have their two weapons at disposal.

“As a group we’re much more confident because of those guys,” said Horford.

Ultimately, this series will be decided by a lot more than Xs and Os from both coaches, but by the resiliency of each team executing the game plan and the pursuit of a common goal as this series gears on.