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David Griffin describes what led to Kyrie Irving trade

Kyrie Irving

It has been a few months since All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving has been traded to the Boston Celtics, but there has continued to be chatter about how the entire situation played out.

The latest comes from former Cleveland Cavaliers general manager David Griffin, who recently told SiriusXM NBA radio that he was never informed by Irving that he wanted to be moved.

“Kyrie knows this and we talked about this very clearly. If he had articulated to me that he was going to be traded we would’ve traded him. You are (either) all the way in or all the way out on winning a championship. You don’t get to bring the house down from within and if you are miserable the worst thing you can do it is hide it. I think what he did for a team that wants to win a championship is that he made it very clear.”

Griffin’s comments have provided much more insight into the situation as to when Irving let the team know when he wanted to be moved. Up to that point prior to Griffin’s departure, there had been no internal acknowledgment that the 25-year-old was looking to be traded from the Cavaliers.

Along those same lines, it’s also clear that Irving would have gotten his wish either way even if Griffin had stayed on board for the long haul. There is also no way of determining if that would have still been a trade to the Boston Celtics.

If anything, this provides a better timetable of how things unfolded leading up to Irving trade.

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