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Chargers QB Philip Rivers believes it could be the team’s year

Philip Rivers, Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers were one of the best teams in the NFL during the 2018 season, and as they look to replicate that next year, they’ll need great play from everyone. When it comes to Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers, he thinks the time is now for the Chargers.

Speaking to ESPN earlier this week, Rivers admitted that while the Chargers play in a tough division, they think they have what it takes to come away as AFC West Champions.

“Shoot, it’s a long ride,” Rivers said (via ESPN). “It’s a long run to get there. We know how tough our division is. Obviously, Kansas City being the No. 1 seed last year. We haven’t won the division in a long time, as we all know. It’s going to be a heck of a road.

“But we have the capabilities of getting that done. Like we know, that’s why they play the games and play the season. We’ll find out, but we have the right makeup, I think, physically and mentally. I think we have to recreate it, mentally, both from a football standpoint with how you prepare and then recreate it from a camaraderie standpoint.”

From the sounds of it, Rivers knows that it’ll be a tough road to get back to being the AFC contender that they were last year. Although the team finished 12-4, they were unable to capture an AFC West division title and will have to contend with the Chiefs – and Patrick Mahomes – for years to come. Thankfully, the Chargers defense is one of the best in the league, and they should have the firepower to compete on any given Sunday with any team in the NFL.