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Jim Irsay says Colts ‘pretty formidable’ with Andrew Luck healthy

Jim Irsay, Andrew Luck, Colts

It is no secret that the Indianapolis Colts endured a disastrous 2017 NFL season. Fortunately, there is a newfound sense of excitement surrounding the team amidst all the changes they made this offseason.

To no surprise, team owner Jim Irsay is optimistic about the team’s chances at a successful year. However, any chance they have at playoff contention relies solely on the health of quarterback Andrew Luck.

According to ESPN’s Mike Wells,¬†Irsay feels the Colts are talented enough to match any team they square off against if Luck is able to play at full strength, or at least close to it:

“There’s still holes in the roster, still areas we have to strengthen up and we don’t question that, but man oh man, I tell you, we’re a lot better of a football team,” Irsay said on the final day of the draft on April 28. “It’s going to be interesting to see how much better we are. Look, I’ll be honest with you, if Andrew Luck, if he’s healthy and we think he will be, we’re going to have a pretty formidable football team. That’s just the bottom line.”

Although it is always safe to take Irsay’s comments with a grain of salt, there is good reason for his expectations. Luck’s shoulder has been at the forefront of the Colts’ priorities ever since he was officially declared out for the 2017 campaign. Since then, there has been nothing but positive updates on his progression, however, the team still has yet to commit to a timetable.

It goes without saying that when healthy, Luck is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the NFL. Regardless, it is unwise to put all of their hope on a complete reversal upon his return given he has not played since the final stretch of the 2016 season. Fortunately, Indianapolis managed to fortify his protection by using two of their first three draft picks on offensive lineman.