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Cowboys GM Jerry Jones’ strong reaction to Amari Cooper being unvaccinated

Cowboys Jerry Jones Amari Cooper

Cowboys general manager and owner Jerry Jones joined local Dallas radio station 105.3 KRLD-FM following the team’s loss in Kansas City on Sunday. There, he expressed his opinion on Amari Cooper not being vaccinated, which forced him to miss the Week 11 matchup.

On the mic with Shan and RJ from KRLD-FM, Jones was asked if he was “disappointed in Amari.” Jones didn’t directly answer the question, but explained it in the sense of accountability and the responsibility being on a team.

“It is a ‘we’ thing when you walk into the locker room, and anybody is being counted on to pull his weight. Everybody expects that. Everybody understands our rights and our options as it pertains to those rights. But, if you forget that it’s a ‘we’ thing and how important your part is…”

The Cowboys GM also mentioned that these players are “rewarded financially,” referring to the fact that Cooper was not monetarily penalized for missing game time. Former Cowboys star Michael Irvin also commented on Cooper getting paid millions to sit “on the bench.”

Jones is obviously upset that the Cowboys star wide receiver missed their Week 11 matchup and will not play on Thanksgiving Day. However, he said that Cooper’s decision to not get vaccinated doesn’t change Jones’ view on him as a person.

“Amari Cooper is outstanding…he’s one of the highest character guys that you will ever be around in any area,” Jones said in the radio interview.