Derrick Rose wants Kristaps Porzingis to run the floor this season
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Derrick Rose wants Kristaps Porzingis to run the floor this season

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Derrick Rose talked to reporters after the Knicks first practice of training camp, and he already likes what his teammates are showing him, especially Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony.

The former Bulls point guard is looking forward to the new team and system that he’ll be playing in.

When asked about similarities between Pau Gasol and Porzingis on offense, he said he believes Porzingis will get more touches by running the floor.

Gasol’s chemistry with Rose was developed from pick and pops which resulted in 22 percent of his open mid range shots due to Rose’s penetration in the lane.

As for Porzingis, Rose says he’s young and he is going to have to run.

He’s going to have to run. I’m going to always find a way to get him the ball. I’m not selfish at all. With the Bulls I had to learn how to score in so many crazy ways because I had to adapt to the league. Coming here I have so many options. With KP he can pop, he can post, he can pass. He’s very talented, I can play with him in many ways.

Rose has played in the Triangle before, and is just as willing to play in the new modernized version coach Jeff Hornacek in implementing with this Knicks team. He also believes it will open up many opportunities to score for Anthony as well.

You think of Melo on the other side of the court we can run 1-3 pick and roll, 3-1 pick and roll then give it to him in the post. There are so many options with just those two players it’s kind of scary when we get everything clicking.

The Knicks offense can be maximized if Rose is able to play his part effectively and stay healthy.

Before Knicks fans can really enjoy the new things to come, Rose has to get past a criminal rape charge investigation that he pleads his continual innocence from, that is currently underway.

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