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Eagles’ Brandon Graham thinks he knows what will be an ideal substitute for crowd noise

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the NFL looks as if it is on schedule for starting the season when it would normally. However, that does not mean the league has been untouched by the pandemic. In fact, NFL teams are planning on playing games without any fans present, which would surely be a curious occurrence. With that in mind, many players are pondering what an eerily silent game would sound like. Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham, the longest-tenured player on the team, believes that “trash talk” will likely replace the roar of the crowd if games were played without fans.

“The only thing we’re gonna do now is hear everybody on the sideline and that trash talk that is gonna be happening,” the veteran joked during a Zoom call with reporters, per Sports Illustrated’s John McMullen.

“We are gonna try to make the best of it,” continued Graham. “I don’t know all the plans but I know in the beginning for sure there are no fans, and, you know, I just think you’re gonna hear a lot of the stuff you don’t normally hear.”

Graham compared playing a game without fans to a scrimmage, in which fan noise is replaced by the back-and-forth banter of foes.

“You know it’s like a scrimmage that you practice in against these boys during the week so that’s what it’s gonna sound like, a bunch of trash-talking,” said Graham. “You know – people excited when they score touchdowns or land a big hit, and, you know, it’s gonna be a little different but we’re gonna adjust and make it happen.”