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Eagles HC Nick Sirianni delivers honest take on Jalen Hurts’ ‘ceiling’ in the NFL

Eagles, Nick Sirianni, Jalen Hurts

Jalen Hurts orchestrated arguably the most prolific performance of his career on Monday, as he guided the Philadelphia Eagles to a convincing double-digit victory over the Minnesota Vikings. From the three total touchdowns scored to the efficient 83.87 percent completion percentage posted, it was a performance to remember from the third-year quarterback.

Since the game, there has been much discussion on just what is Hurts’ ceiling in the NFL and whether the best from him in the league is still yet to come. He has already shown vast improvement in his third campaign with the Eagles, including with his accuracy on downfield throws.

From Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni’s standpoint, as he touched on during a press conference on Wednesday, he sees that the former Alabama quarterback continues to “get better.”

“Again, I just can’t say enough about Jalen, the person, that like we talk about all his abilities as a player, but the thing that makes you reach your ceiling as a player is when you have the other things: the toughness, the love of football, the football IQ,” Sirianni said. “That’s what helps you reach your ceiling.

“Now everybody is blessed with a different ceiling to reach as we know, right. Everybody’s ceiling is different based off of what God gave them. But those guys that reach that ceiling are what Jalen has inside, and that’s what’s so special and that’s why you’re continuing to see him develop in my opinion. … I don’t think I know what his ceiling is yet. I just continue to see him get better.”

To many, Hurts’ keen outing against the Vikings came as quite a surprise, but this was not the case for the second-year Eagles head coach.

“I knew he had that in him and again I’m not surprised by anything that Jalen [Hurts] does on the football field because I’ve seen him doing this all off-season, all training camp, practices, the meeting room,” Sirianni said. “I see his growth over just consistently all the time. Maybe to the outside world, it’s like, woah.”

Hurts will look to build on his promising start to the campaign in the Eagles’ Week 3 road matchup against the Washington Commanders.