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Eagles RB Jay Ajayi to see ‘much higher workload’ next season

Jay Ajayi, Eagles

When the Philadelphia Eagles traded a fourth-round pick to the Miami Dolphins for Jay Ajayi last October, they knew they might only get him for a year in a half.

Ajayi is entering the last year of his contract, and according to Philly Voice, that could mean a much higher workload for this upcoming season.

With one year left on his rookie contract, Ajayi will be looking to make good money in free agency next offseason, so this could be his final year with the team. As such, there’s a good chance the Eagles will look to get their money’s worth out of him this season, giving him a much higher workload than he had a year ago. That should be fine with Ajayi, who will want his stats to look good heading into a contract year.

Last year, Ajayi played seven games during the regular season with the Eagles rushing 70 times for 408 yards and one touchdown.

Last year the Eagles backfield was crowded with LeGarrette Blount stealing a lot of the carries away from Ajayi. During the offseason, Blount signed with the Detroit Lions which means that Ajayi is going to be the lead back this year.

Corey Clement and Darren Sproles will also figure into the backfield this year, but nowhere near as much as Blount was last year.

The Eagles are expected to be a good offensive team, and the rushing game is a big reason. As long as Ajayi’s knees can hold up, this should be a big year.