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Terrell Davis doubts Falcons RB Todd Gurley will return to form

Todd Gurley, Terrell Davis, Broncos, Falcons

NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Davis doesn’t believe Atlanta Falcons running back Todd Gurley will return to his dominant form. In 2018, Gurley suffered a knee injury and hasn’t looked the same since. Davis told TMZ Sports he a similar knee issue in 1999 and it caused him to lose a permanent step in his career.

This past offseason, the Los Angeles Rams cut Gurley over the decline in his play in the 2019 NFL campaign. His per-carry average went from 4.9 to 3.8 as he recorded a career-low 857 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Gurley ended up signing with the Falcons, however, Davis is doubtful Gurley can return to the Pro Bowl running back as he once was.

“They said he had an arthritic knee,” said Davis. “And, I said, ‘I’ve had that. I understand what it feels like.'”

Davis also explained to TMZ Sports on what it feels like to have the same injury as Gurley.

“What happens is you feel like your knee — like you have just enough swelling in your knee, just enough, to where it doesn’t stop you from running, but you don’t have the full flexibility or mobility and you just feel like you’re just a second slower,” Davis says. “When you think about making a cut, it’s like the signal from your brain to your knee is like, it just comes just a fraction of a second too slow where your knee doesn’t respond to it.

Nevertheless, Davis does hope that Gurley can prove everybody wrong again this upcoming season with the Falcons.

“If he could come out of this one year and have the attitude that, ‘I want to prove everybody wrong’ — which I feel Todd will — he could have a really good year.”