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New York pushes back practice to discuss ‘important matters’ on social issues

Giants Jacob Blake

Teams across the major sports leagues are taking a stand against racial injustices in the wake of Jacob Blake being shot by police. While the NBA and MLB had teams boycott playing games on Wednesday, the New York Giants pushed back practice on Thursday to discuss ‘important matters’ on social issues.

Joe Judge, the new head coach of the Giants, spoke about the importance of addressing the issues as a team.

“Sorry we pushed back practice a little bit. We had some important matters to talk about as a team,” Giants coach Joe Judge said, via Jordan Ranaan of ESPN.com. “We weren’t going to cut those short. So we made sure we took the time.”

Instead of canceling practice, New York elected to push back their practice on Thursday. Judge revealed how the players on the team came to a decision to slightly postpone practice to discuss the dire matters at hand.

“Our guys made a decision,” Judge said. “We talked about it. They didn’t want to go ahead and miss any work. They wanted to keep practicing. Look, it’s a short preseason. We all have to go out there and work. Our guys have been very intent by going out there every day going out there and making improvement.”

Ahead of their NBA playoff game on Wednesday, the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted in response to the events taking place in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Not long after the Bucks made their decision, the other four teams in the NBA playoffs would boycott their games to bring more attention to racial issues.

Earlier this week, the Detroit Lions canceled their practice due to the unfortunate situation involving Blake. While canceling practice was talked about, the Giants and Judge decided to move back practice. It is expected for more teams to either cancel or postpone practices to speak about racial issues as an organization.