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Giants coach Steve Spagnuolo disappointed Eli Apple tweets

Eli Apple, Giants

Interim New York Giants coach Steve Spagnuolo is none too pleased with Eli Apple. Not due to some lackluster play on the field, but because the cornerback was a little too active on Twitter while he was inactive during last Sunday’s game.

A little sample of Eli Apple tweeting while the Giants were playing:

Mostly harmless stuff.

And yet, because heaven forbid anyone is allowed to have any form of a personality, some people wanted to ask the interim head coach about the entire ordeal.

“I had a conversation with Eli about that. I was disappointed,” Spagnuolo said, via ESPN.com. “I told him I was disappointed. We’ll decide exactly what we do with it. He apologized. We move on from that.”


People making a huge deal out of this need to relax. Was he supposed to use his time being inactive sitting in a room without any form of contact or use of technology?

Furthermore, Spagnuolo being disappointing over someone tweeting is just grand. This continues the weird approach the Giants staff has, since Ben McAdoo took over (and then being fired), of deflecting any form of accountability to players. Here, for some reason, a coach being “disappointed” over benign tweets.

Stop sucking the fun and personality out of sports!