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Heat star Jimmy Butler’s new hair sparks hilarious reactions from NBA twitter

Heat, Jimmy Butler

Miami Heat fans might have to take a second look if they encounter Jimmy Butler these days. After all, the star forward looks unrecognizable with his new hairdo.

On Wednesday, photos and videos of Butler’s new hair went viral online, and for good reason. Not only is the Heat forward sporting longer hair, but it’s also in dreadlocks.

Now we’re not sure when Jimmy Butler exactly grew his hair to that length (they’re just likely extensions anyway), but the NBA Twitterverse is having a field day sharing their reactions to the new look.

Of course all the fake dreads memes came out as well.


For what it’s worth, Jimmy Butler did give fans a preview on how his new hairdo came to be.

It remains to be seen if Butler will sport the same hair come the regular season, but it will definitely be interesting to see what his opponents and, well, Heat teammates will say about it. While we’ve seen him in dreads before, his hair has never been that long.

Also for those who believe in superstitions, long hair Jimmy might just be another level or evolution of Butler that we’ve never seen before!

But hey as long as he delivers for the Heat night in and night out like he used to, players and fans could care less about his new look. After failing once again to return to the NBA Finals, hopes are high that things will be different in 2022-23.