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Isaiah Thomas fires at ESPN over “Most Influential” legend snub

isaiah thomas

Former Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas aired his disagreement with ESPN’s latest graphic about the four most influential NBA players over the last 30 years. The two-time All-Star argued that Hall of Fame point guard Allen Iverson‘s name should have been in the conversation.

Obviously, Michael Jordan and the late Kobe Bryant exemplified greatness so they are no-brainer picks. LeBron James has been the best player in the league for years now, while Stephen Curry practically revolutionized today’s game. That’s a solid group of guys, for sure.

However, Isaiah Thomas does have a good point about Allen Iverson’s massive influence at the peak of his powers in the 2000s. Apart from proving that smaller players can dominate in the big leagues, AI’s influence over an entire culture is second to none. He had an unapologetic way of carrying himself and embraced who he is and where he’s from. From the baggy clothing, the cornrows, the tattoos, and the basketball sleeves, The Answer preached freedom to be yourself both and off the court.

Sure, he was both loved and hated for it, but no doubt he left a lasting impact on millions of fans across the world.

The case can be made that Iverson failed to win an NBA title during his playing days, so maybe that factored in his exclusion from the list. After all, the four gentlemen above have a combined 18 Larry O’Brien trophies to their names.

We all know Isaiah Thomas is a big Iverson fan, considering he used AI’s career as a blueprint for his own success. The 5-foot-9 guard was one of the best pure scorers in the league at one point before injuries got the better of him.