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Calais Campbell says Jaguars’ confidence on offense has ‘never been higher’

Calais Campbell

The Jacksonville Jaguars came up short against the Carolina Panthers in Week 5. Regardless, defensive end Calais Campbell has noticed a positive change in the locker room.

The offense has enjoyed a resurgence behind quarterback Gardner Minshew in the 2019 NFL season. Campbell can see that there is much more confidence in the locker room now, via Jamal St. Cyr of WJXT4:

“It’s exciting to know that points are being put up,” Campbell said. “The confidence that they’re going to score points has never been higher since I’ve been here. There is a real confidence amongst this team that when the offense has the ball they can score and drive.”

Calais Campbell’s comments are undoubtedly an encouraging sign about the state of the franchise. He has been part of many Jaguars’ teams where the defense was forced to win games due to their lackluster offense. Fortunately, it has been a much more balanced effort this season.

It is safe to say that Minshew has emerged as the primary reason behind this newfound confidence on offense. The rookie has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the year thus far thanks to his stellar performance on the field and charismatic approach off of it. He has thrown for 1,279 passing yards, nine touchdowns, and an interception while boasting a passer rating of 105.6.

It is not just Minshew that has found a way to perform at a high level. Running back Leonard Fournette has finally started to get his rhythm going with back-to-back monster outings.

With the offense steadily improving, the onus is now on the defense to return to its elite form despite the absence of cornerback Jalen Ramsey.