Jaguars news: Coach says Leonard Fournette, Gardner Minshew fix issue
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Jags Doug Marrone says Leonard Fournette needs to clear up his issue with Gardner Minshew

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Leonard Fournette didn’t seem to mean any harm by lobbying for Cam Newton to join the Jacksonville Jaguars. However, Doug Marrone believes there could be an underlying issue between Fournette and quarterback Gardner Minshew. While speaking about the situation, Marrone hinted at Fournette needing to clear the air with Minshew.

“I mean, we all talk about men are all men and everything, when you are in that locker room, you’ve got to say, ‘Hey listen, I said this because I really think this is best for the team,’ and if you can’t say this is what’s best for the team, then you’re going to have issues … It’s not like a coach can get in between two players and fix something. You know, these things have to be fixed among each other at times and the coach can go in there and try to guide it through.”

Newton, who was released by the Carolina Panthers nearly a month ago, remains a free agent. That led Fournette, who is friends with Newton, to share his idea of Jacksonville adding the quarterback. At the same time though, the Jaguars plan on moving forward with Minshew under center.

Even in his comments about Newton, Fournette made it clear that he meant no disrespect to Minshew. However, the second-year quarterback could have taken it personally. In that case, Marrone could have a locker room issue on his hands.

If Jacksonville is going to commit to Minshew for the foreseeable future, they need everyone to be on board. Provided that, if Fournette can’t get on the same page as his quarterback, his time with the Jaguars could be nearing an end.