John Wall says there's no bad blood between himself and Bradley Beal
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John Wall says there’s no bad blood between himself and Bradley Beal


John Wall doesn’t want you to believe the rumors.

The relationship between he and Bradley Beal is perfectly fine, according to the Washington Wizards point guard.

Wall fired off this tweet, backing his backcourt mate and squashing any rumors of the contrary.

Some momentum built over the summer about Wall and Beal not seeing eye to eye. But Wall says a lot of that was blown out of proportion.

Via The Washington Post:

“We’re just two competitive people,” Wall started off by saying.

Later during his media day session when Beal was pitched the same question, he flatly responded: “It’s great.”

Then, Beal paused before lobbing back the query to a room full of reporters: “How do you think it is?”

Wall and Beal were the only Wizards players who fielded questions together during media day, a clear point to show just how much the two get along.

“Whenever you have your two best players and they both want the game-winning shot and they want those types of plays, you’re going to have disagreements on the court. But other than that, we’re fine,” Wall said. “We talk. We’ve talked about it. We’re both two grown men. Everybody wants us to dislike each other. No, we don’t dislike each other. It’s just at times any team that has two great players [or] players who want to be great, we’re going to have disagreements from time to time.”

Beal had similar things to say.

“Sometimes you don’t always get along with your bigger brother or your little brother but you love them at the end of the day. They’re family. That’s how John and I are,” Beal said. “We don’t always agree on the court. You’re not always going to agree with Coach [Scott] Brooks and something that he says but at the end of the day, we’re backcourt mates, we’re teammates, we’re the two leaders of the team. We’re going to help win us games.”

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