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Austin Rivers calls out COVID-19 ‘ignorance’, lauds Knicks’ efforts

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There are teams in the NBA that are dealing with issues pertaining to COVID-19, but thankfully the New York Knicks aren’t one of them. Austin Rivers, who’s in his first year with the Knicks, called out the ‘ignorance’ from people who don’t take COVID-19 seriously while also praising New York’s efforts to combat it.

“We just gotta do our part individually,” Knicks guard Austin Rivers said Saturday, via the New York Post’s Greg Joyce. “It’s tough, though. It is everywhere. Unfortunately in our country, people don’t wear masks all the time. You have ignorance displayed every day, which is causing this to be more delayed and more serious. … It’s frustrating to see people mess around with that stuff. We just control what we control and do our part. The Knicks have done a great job of keeping us in line with that stuff.”

In the past week, teams like the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics have had issues arise from COVID-19. Due to Boston’s outbreak, the Washington Wizards were forced to play on Saturday night without Bradley Beal in the lineup — since he spoke to Jayson Tatum after Friday night’s contest.

For the NBA to avoid any hiccups this season, it’s going to take the players to be responsible in not doing anything that would violate the league’s health and safety protocols. However, there have already been instances where players have gotten complacent on following the rules.

With that being said, Rivers is glad the Knicks are taking it seriously and he’s hoping that New York’s players can stay available throughout the NBA season.