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Jalen Rose unveils his top choices for New York Knicks coaching vacancy

Jalen Rose has given his two cents on the current head coaching vacancy for the New York Knicks.

According to Rose, himself a former New York Knicks player and current basketball analyst for ESPN, his top two candidates for the coaching job in New York would be Jason Kidd and Mark Jackson.

“Two of the greatest minds to ever play basketball deserve another chance,’’ Rose told Marc Berman of the New York Post.

Rose’s argument for Kidd to the Knicks starts and ends with two words: Greek Freak. He explained how the former Milwaukee Bucks coach played a huge role in not only drafting Giannis Antetokounmpo, but also aiding in the development of the current league MVP.

“The hardest thing for a coach to do is develop a superstar,’’ said Rose. “Jason Kidd, all he did was help develop the Greek Freak. He wasn’t even in the Green Room [during the draft]. He came out of the stands [selected 15th in 2013].”

As for Jackson, who was at the helm for the Golden State Warriors for three seasons, Rose pointed out how Jackson was pivotal in the early evolution of the Dubs’ current core of superstars. Maybe he could conjure up some magic and do the same for the Knicks?

“I’d compliment Mark Jackson for what he was able to do with the Warriors. Developing the Splash Brothers. Ten years ago, [Jackson] said they’d be the greatest shooting backcourt of all time and he was coaching them. And Draymond Green, he was a second-round pick.”

For what it’s worth, both Kidd and Jackson have been linked to a potential return to the NBA as the head coach of the Knicks. Both names, however, are far from favorites to be hired by New York’s front office. Maybe Rose’s statements here will somehow help the cause of either or both men.