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Paul Pierce believes Knicks will only improve if James Dolan sells team

James Dolan, Paul Pierce, Knicks

Boston Celtics legend and ESPN NBA analyst Paul Pierce believes the New York Knicks will only improve if James Dolan sells the team.

Pierce says the Knicks can get turned around by a change in ownership, citing the Los Angeles Clippers as an example of it working in the past.

“I’ve been talking about this the last 5-10 years. This is not a new low for the Knicks because you can’t get any lower than they’ve already been,” Paul Pierce said Thursday on ESPN’s The Jump. “Everybody is waiting for this franchise to get some relevancy.

“Free agents are passing on them. Losing (Kevin) Durant and Kyrie (Irving) to Brooklyn, not getting Zion (Williamson). Something has to change for the Knicks and I truly believe once they get new ownership you’ll see change. You saw it with the Clippers. Look what happened with the Clippers. Now they’re a perennial playoff team, they got better ownership and they’re a championship-contending team now.”

Knicks fans are tired of the way Dolan has been running the franchise into the ground, which is why they religiously throw verbal barbs at him any chance they get. To recall, a fan told Dolan to sell the team last season, but in response, the Knicks owner had the said fan banned from MSG.

New York fans chanted “sell the team” as the Knicks got blown out by the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday.

New York had the worst record in the NBA last season. To make matters worse, the Knicks didn’t win the draft lottery and saw Zion Williamson get drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans. The Knickerbockers got the third pick and selected RJ Barrett.

Free agency wasn’t too kind to the Knicks either, as they lost Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to the other team in New York — the Brooklyn Nets. It’s gotten to the point where fans believe the franchise will always be putrid as long as Dolan is running the show.