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Kobe Bryant says it’s up to Carmelo Anthony to make things work with Knicks and Phil Jackson

With the New York Knicks not making it to the playoffs, it allows their top brass, as well as Carmelo Anthony, to have more time to focus on the big decisions they’ll have to make this summer. The 32-year-old Syracuse product has long been the subject of trade rumors but he holds a no-trade clause in his contract — which he can waive should he decide to bolt of New York and move away from Phil Jackson.

It’s no secret that Anthony and the Zen Master have an ongoing feud which heightened throughout the course of the season. However, for Jackson’s former player and Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant, he said, in a piece made by Peter Sblendorio of the New York Daily News, that it’s now up to the 10-time All-Star forward to make things work with the Knicks and their team president, or just allow them to trade him come summertime.

“Bryant believes it’s now up to Anthony — long the subject of trade rumors — to decide whether he wants to make things work with Jackson in New York.”

“Phil’s always gonna speak his mind and speak his opinion. It all depends on the athlete and what the athlete wants to do with it. If you want to shun it, or do you want to use it as fuel to be better?”

The Black Mamba also added that there are just some questions that Anthony needs to answer to make his decision easier.

“You can’t enjoy the springtime without having an awful winter. You’ve got to go through those things. It’s just a matter of do you want to stay together and work those things out, and be determined to build a championship team? Or do you want to go separate ways?”

Bryant and Jackson also did not have the best of relationships when they started working together in Los Angeles, but they were able to set aside their differences and ended up winning five championships together. If Anthony and the coaching legend can do the same, it may lead to a better future for the Knicks organization, satisfying their fans’ thirst for success.

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