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Kobe Bryant Reflects On Other Players Feeling Like They Have To Give Him The Ball

There are only four games left in the illustrious career of Kobe Bryant.

With the Lakers going nowhere after the regular season, these last games will be pretty much all-Mamba when he’s on the court. Whether or not that’s fair to the rest of the Lakers is up for discussion, and Kobe discussed the matter after his final game against the Clippers on Wednesday:

“I feel bad for the other guys, because every time they shoot the ball, they get booed.”

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But what if Kobe was in this suatioan as a young player with a retiring Michael Jordan? He’d probably give MJ the ball:

“Honestly, I couldn’t imagine if I was in that situation and I was playing with (Jordan). You’d almost have to beat me up to not pass him the ball. But I will defer. I’ll just come out and play the game and tell the guys, ‘Play the game.’

This is what I’m here for, one more time, to just play the game.”

It’s going to be an emotional week for Kobe and the thousands of Mamba fans around the world.

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