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Kristaps Porzingis: It’s not coming together yet, It’s frustrating

kristaps porzingis

Sitting a game and a half back form a playoff spot, the New York Knicks have one of their star players frustrated. Losers of 7 of their past 8 games, the Knicks find themselves in a season worst slump.

The Knicks made win-now moves in the summer with the trade for Derrick Rose and signings of Joakim Noah and Courtney Lee. Even with these high profile acquisitions they find themselves below .500 and outside of a playoff spot. It seems the team is starting to show their frustration, with Kristaps Porzingis speaking to Marc Berman of the New York Post, explaining his frustrations.

“In the moment we were four games out of .500, I said it — I don’t see ourselves as that good of a team yet,’’ Porzingis said in his season’s most candid remarks. “We were still growing. We were winning games, but we still had a lot to learn. It was a good moment based on our talent, but we weren’t there yet and now it’s showing. We got to figure this out and keep growing as a team. It’s not coming together yet. It’s frustrating.’’

He couldn’t be more right, it’s just not working out. With Carmelo Anthony and Noah on long-term expensive contracts, there’s a lot of money being spent on a team that’s not getting it done.

New York find themselves in that dreaded middle of the pack spot. They’re not quite good enough to truly compete for a title, and not bad enough to earn themselves a high draft pick and rebuild themselves.

Is it time for the Knicks to move on from the age of Carmelo Anthony and hand the keys over Porzingis?

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