Lakers news: LeBron James says 'Stay Woke' while supporting Rich Paul
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Lakers’ LeBron James says ‘Stay Woke’ while supporting Rich Paul

LeBron James, Rich Paul, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James pledges his support for agent and childhood friend Rich Paul of Kultch Sports.

On Twitter, James posted a series of screenshots of the renowned NBA agent. These include Paul as the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, as well as an article which reported Paul’s deal with prospect Darius Bazley.

James also highlighted several parts of the article which claims that Paul is now a threat to large agencies. As such, these agencies are trying to bring down Paul by taking shots at him. One even questioned Paul’s qualifications, noting that he didn’t even graduate from college.

Prior to the tweet above, James also hit on the so-called “Rich Paul Rule” in response to the NCAA criteria for athlete agents. The criteria require agents to have a Bachelor’s degree.

The NCAA has been criticized for making money out of its collegiate stars. Several corruption allegations have popped in and out as well. This has prompted several ballers — who dream of making it to the NBA — to take another route before jumping to the pros. Some have taken their talents abroad and skipped the college route, a move that will not only get them much-needed experience but also a salary to boot.

However, Paul has forged another path for aspiring basketball heads who want to make it to the NBA. Bazley became the prototype of his model, as the 19-year-old skipped college and made it to the NBA. Along the way, he got paid as an intern at New Balance — the shoe company which might also be his sponsor in his professional career.