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Luke Walton, Larry Nance Jr. on Jamal Murray’s antic, Lonzo Ball doesn’t care

lonzo ball, jamal murray

Even with the game down to its last seconds, and the result already settled, some players of the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers were part of heated moment, as Jamal Murray made a taunt on Lonzo Ball while dribbling off the time. It resulted to Julius Randle fouling him and giving out a few choice words for Murray. The good news was cooler heads prevailed and the incident did not escalate further.

After the game, Larry Nance Jr. was asked about it, and he made it clear he did not appreciate Jamal Murray’s toying. He then said, via Bill Oram of the Orange County Register, that it was disrespectful for him to do such act.

“I wasn’t a fan of it,” said Larry Nance Jr. “You already won, no need to showboat. … That’s kind of an unwritten rule of (even) high school basketball. That’s Day 1. You don’t show anybody up. That’s an obvious sign of disrespect so we took it as such.”

Head coach Luke Walton instead focused on what he can do to motivate his players when both teams meet again. He shared that he will have them watch the tape from the game, to fire them up, and not allow the same result to happen again.

“Walton said he would show video of the play prior to the Lakers next matchup with Denver, on March 9, “’hopefully to motivate and (tick) our guys off a little bit.’”

Lonzo Ball, on the other hand, couldn’t care less with what the Nuggets guard did. He just wanted to move on from the defeat, and learn from the experience on the night.

“I don’t care,” Ball said.

The two teams will meet again on March 9 and 13, and it can be expected to be hotly-contested matchups. Not only did Jamal Murray’s actions disappointed the Lakers and their fans, but those two games will come at a time where teams will be competing harder for playoff spots. The Lakers could still be in the hunt by then, which could make the games versus the Nuggets even more significant.