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Jonas Valanciunas with word bubble that says, “You playing later?” and Larry Nance Jr. with word bubbles that says “I don’t know”

The New Orleans Pelicans (45-29) are in a precarious position following a 104-92 home loss to the Boston Celtics. They are now barely hanging on to fifth place in the Western Conference, just half a game up on the Dallas Mavericks and two games ahead of the Phoenix Suns. Externally, the Mavericks have one of […]

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Willie Green telling Jonas Valanciunas ‘we’re going in a different direction' New Orleans Pelicans
Pelicans' Zion Williamson hyped up, with Larry Nance Jr. smiling at him, hearts all over Nance
Graphic: Larry Nance Jr. with a chef hat, serving out $10,000 checks. Every student on the winning team got paid, the groups idea got $50k, and the second place team got a surprise $25,000.
Larry Nance Jr. (Pelicans) looking happy with deal with shades
Larry Nance and Willie Green looking excited next to a Pelicans logo
Larry Nance Jr with Pelicans teammate Trey Murphy III and Knicks Donte DiVincenzo
Jose Alvarado, Jonas Valanciunas, Larry Nance Jr, Coach Willie Green all beside each other, and question marks in the background.
Larry Nance Jr. looking serious. CJ McCollum, Jonas Valanciunas in the background
Pelicans Zion Williamson, Willie Green, and Larry Nance Jr.
Larry Nance Jr. saying “We gotta lock in”
New Orleans Pelicans players Jose Alvarado and Larry Nance jr. smiling beside a frustrated LeBron James
Nance Jr. with a warning sign, a notice to the league the Pelicans are healthy with a stacked roster.
Pelicans' Larry Nance Jr.
Larry Nance Jr. is excited to get back on the floor for the Pelicans.
Larry Nance Jr. with the Pelicans arena in the background, also include an injury/medical red cross
Pelicans' Larry Nance Jr.
Pelicans' CJ McCollum shooting fireball, Larry Nance Jr. laughing
Larry Nance Jr next to Kobe Bryant