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Magic Johnson says L.A. should pursue Seth Curry, Nikola Mirotic, JJ Redick, Danny Green if they don’t get another star

Lakers, Magic Johnson

Former president and Hall of Famer Magic Johnson suggested the Los Angeles Lakers could pursue other capable cogs if they can’t manage to get another star in free agency, dropping the names of Seth Curry, Nikola Mirotic, J.J. Redick and Danny Green as potential options for the purple-and-gold.

“There’s guys like that,” Johnson told Bill Oram of The Athletic. “There’s a lot of guys. So we can’t be just saying, ‘Hey if we don’t get Kemba, if we don’t get so and so, it was a disaster.’ No. You’ve still got to fill out a lot of these roster spots.”

Despite willingly hangin up his front office executive hat, Johnson is always involved in anything Lakers-related, and machinating potential options for the franchise he donned as his family is no exception.

The Lakers have been overcome with greed after trading for Anthony Davis, hoping to accelerate this transition and give LeBron James a second potential star partner to maximize his three remaining years in Los Angeles.

All motors have been put forth to get a third star in the Staples Center, yet the Lakers were careless when trading for Anthony Davis, unaware that there will be consequences of pulling off the deal on July 6 and without asking Davis to waive his $4.1 million trade kicker.

It is because of this inexperience that Los Angeles is now forced to revisit the trade and fix the kinks of it before finalizing it, hoping to delay it until July 30 to get further cap space that could allow them to sign a star.

Yet to pull that off, it will require contributions from the New Orleans Pelicans and a firm commitment from any star that agrees to a deal, making it rather unlikely to take place.

Players like Curry, Mirotic, Redick and Green are the type of perimeter snipers that Johnson refused to go after last season, hoping to construct a team based off leadership and playmaking, which was a plan that failed before it even started.

Good to know he’s learned something after his brief stint as an NBA executive.