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Rumor: Kawhi Leonard wants to be in L.A.

Kawhi Leonard, Lakers, Spurs

After the monumental signing of LeBron James, the Lakers are looking for another star to pair him with. Kawhi Leonard wants to fill that role. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, James’ signing has done nothing to change Leonard’s desire to land in Los Angeles.

It’s hard to imagine why any player wouldn’t want to play with LeBron. He’s the best player on the planet and any team he plays for is immediately a title contender.

Leonard still wants to be a Laker and a pairing of James and Leonard would make for an interesting Western Conference. The Golden State Warriors have dominated the West for the last four years, but if Leonard gets his way, that’s going to change.

The Houston Rockets nearly knocked off the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals. If not for an unfortunate injury to Chris Paul, they very well could have beaten them.

If the Lakers can somehow acquire Leonard, the Lakers would certainly be on the same level as the Rockets and the Warriors. James and Leonard are two of the Warriors’ most fierce rivals. Together, they would certainly give Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and the Lakers a run for their money.

The Lakers made waves with their signing of James, but they would seriously shift the power balance of the Western Conference by acquiring Kawhi Leonard. It appears that Leonard is trying to will himself to Los Angeles.

The offseason is in full swing and the Lakers are certainly ready to make a few more moves to bring LeBron the help he needs. Leonard is sure to be high on that list.