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Andrea Kremer discusses rumor that Michael Jordan’s gambling was connected to his father’s death

Last Dance, Andrea Kremer, Michael Jordan, James Jordan Sr.

Michael Jordan will forever be celebrated for the remarkable feats he achieved during his legendary career.

However, his greatness was often accompanied by several controversies, perhaps none bigger than the connection between his supposed gambling problem and the murder of his father, James Jordan Sr. in 1993.

Long-time sports journalist Andrea Kremer delved into this sensitive issue during the latest episode of ESPN’s The Last Dance docu-series which aired on Sunday.

Kremer, who was working for ESPN as a correspondent in 1993, added more fuel to the longstanding rumor that Jordan’s first retirement from basketball was a secret suspension from then-commissioner David Stern.

“Look at some of the events that recently happened: His father was tragically murdered. There’s a number of questions about his gambling. You start to connect some dots and you think: Is this all related? Was this a secret suspension?” Kremer claimed.

Michael Jordan’s world was turned upside down on August 3, 1993 when James Jordan’s body was recovered in a swamp in McColl, South Carolina. The elder Jordan went missing since July 23 of that year.

MJ was extremely close to his parents, who served as his ultimate support system during his transition from college to the pros.

Back when His Airness dealt with public backlash from his trip to Atlantic City during the 1993 playoffs, it was his father who dealt with the unwanted media attention from the press.

Daniel Andre Green and Larry Martin Demery would be later charged for his murder. However, the events that led to his gruesome murder remains uncertain to this day.