NBA news: High profile players impressed with trade deadline
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High profile players impressed with trade deadline


The trade deadline has passed, and judging by the deals that were made, fans are rest assured that the NBA will be more interesting moving forward.

Several teams have traded for players that will help them make deep run into the playoffs, while others have made moves in preparation for their future plans, Either way, it seems that the some of the most prominent figures in the NBA are impressed with everything that’s happened during the trade deadline.

Three of the top four teams in the Eastern Conference have significantly upgraded their roster as they gear up for the postseason. The Milwaukee Bucks acquired Nikola Mirotic from the New Orleans Pelicans, the Toronto Raptors got Marc Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies, and Philadelphia 76ers traded for former Los Angeles Clippers star Tobias Harris.

As for teams like the Clippers, Brooklyn Nets, or New York Knicks, the trade deadline was their opportunity to unload bad contracts and free up cap space. Whatever happens to their campaign this season, their sights are set this summer, as they are all expected to go after big name free agents like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Kawhi Leonard.

Looking good in the eyes of the league’s best players is important for franchises who are trying to sell themselves as appealing destinations for potential free agents. It is likely that the teams mentioned above will attract players this summer, not only because of their situation right now, but because of how their long-term future looks like.

The trade deadline opened doors to what could potentially be a summer filled with blockbuster moves from some of the NBA’s brightest stars.