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RUMOR: Details of what NBA players asked from team owners after second meeting


Players and coaches around the NBA are moving to take action and create initiatives so as to amplify social justice issues and promote real change.

A joint call between players and coaches was held on Thursday afternoon, during which players presented owners with a list of organizational changes they hope to see moving forward:

“The joint call with the owners just concluded,” said Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report. “Sources say players had a list of important things. Players want organizational changes – including dedicated coalition w/ Full time job to manage the issues. Voting, police reform, etc. Wanting to be proactive instead of reactive.”

Some players around the NBA have already begun building these types of coalitions.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James founded the More Than a Vote organization so as to empower voters and combat racist voter oppression in primarily Black voting districts. The organization recently announced a “multimillion-dollar effort to recruit poll workers” ahead of the general election in November.

Some of James’ peers have joined him in this venture, with Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard included as a founding member.

However, it would seem the players hope to establish these coalitions as part of the fabric of the NBA.

It seems likely the owners would be amenable to such an ask. All 30 owners have pledged a collective $300 million over a ten-year period to empower the Black community.

But whereas that money will be provided to spur economic growth, these coalitions are likely more geared towards resources that can be allocated towards social justice initiatives and systemic change.