Odds revealed for Colin Kaepernick's next NFL team
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Odds revealed for Colin Kaepernick’s next NFL team

NFL news: Odds revealed for Colin Kaepernick's next team

Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick is holding a workout for NFL teams on Saturday. The former San Francisco 49ers star has not played in the league since 2016, but is still garnering a solid amount of interest.

Of course, with something like this, people will be interested in the odds of his next team. This is the type of thing people will likely love to bet on.

Well, the good news is that Sportsbetting.ag has odds. And honestly, they make quite a bit of sense.

Which team will sign Colin Kaepernick?

Cincinnati Bengals +350
Pittsburgh Steelers +400
Baltimore Ravens +600
Buffalo Bills +700
Oakland Raiders +700
Carolina Panthers +800
Houston Texans +1000
Chicago Bears +1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1200
Arizona Cardinals +1500
San Francisco 49ers +1600
Indianapolis Colts +2000
Los Angeles Rams +2000
Cleveland Browns +2500
Philadelphia Eagles +3300
New England Patriots +5000
Dallas Cowboys +5000

The Cincinnati Bengals make a lot of sense. They benched Andy Dalton after he struggled and the team started off miserably. In his place, rookie Ryan Finley took the job and his debut in Week 10 didn’t go well at all.

The Bengals are 0-9 and at worst Kaepernick would bring some interest to the team and give people a reason to talk about them.

Admittedly, the Baltimore Ravens don’t make much sense though. They already have Lamar Jackson being an absolute stud at quarterback. His backup is Robert Griffin III and he’s looked more than capable in his opportunities too.

Yes, Kaepernick fits the system extremely well, but do they really need three quarterbacks? Will he even want to sign there if another team offers him a deal knowing he’s likely never going to play for Baltimore?

The New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys are all the way at the bottom as the biggest long shots.

New England doesn’t need much because of Tom Brady, but honestly, if he went down do they trust Jarrett Stidham or Cody Kessler to lead the team? That might be a dark horse team.

The Cowboys are in the same boat. Sure, Dak Prescott has proven he can lead them. But his only backup is Cooper Rush (who has three career passing attempts).

So while they are long shots, don’t rule them out.

We should find out more following Saturday’s workout. But expect a lot of people to throw their two cents in on who should sign him and where he’ll likely go.