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Trevor Bauer breaks silence, reacts to Deshaun Watson accusations, NFL trade

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Deshaun Watson is expected to reboot his NFL career with his recent trade from the Houston Texans to the Cleveland Browns. Shortly after the trade was announced, many professional athletes took to Twitter to publicize their reactions. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer tweeted his excitement while sprinkling in his controversial opinion.

The tweet refers to the many sexual assault accusations that multiple women have placed on Watson in the past year. Bauer refers to the claims as “BS” and “lies.”

Both athletes found themselves in legal trouble recently, jeopardizing their professional sports careers. Watson did not play the 2021-2022 NFL season due to 22 lawsuits against him. The women who filed these lawsuits claim that Watson sexually assaulted them in multiple different ways.

Meanwhile, a San Diego woman accused Bauer of assault in June of 2021. Days after the accusation, the MLB placed the Dodgers pitcher on administrative leave. He has not played a game since. Similar to Watson’s situation, there were no criminal charges filed against him.

Bauer was most recently in the news for announcing that he is filing a defamation lawsuit against Deadspin earlier this month. He claimed that the media outlet maliciously spread false information and damaged his reputation.

Bauer tweeted he is excited to see that “the NFL and their franchises are allowing” Watson to continue his career. However, there is still a chance that the league suspends him in the upcoming season.