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Nikola Jokic on being established player, having higher expectations

Nikola Jokic

There will be a lot of expectations placed on Nikola Jokic during this campaign after last year’s breakout sophomore season. The Serbian big man averaged 16.7 points and 9.8 rebounds and has more or less established himself as the Denver Nuggets’ new franchise star.

Jokic was asked by Nuggets beat writer T.J. McBride about whether he feels different because people now have higher expectations of him, and his response wasn’t an overly positive one.

It’s hard to be completely sure, but based on that brief quote, it seems Jokic isn’t too pleased with the situation he finds himself in. He apparently didn’t want those higher expectations, which he claims are simply made up by the media.

Maybe Jokic simply wasn’t able to adequately express whatever ideas and feelings he had in his mind to English, which isn’t his first language. Or maybe he really doesn’t want the added pressure and change that comes with being the team’s star.

Whether he likes it or not, though, Jokic will have to face those expectations all year long from media, fans, and even his own team. He’s the Nuggets’ best player and he’ll need to act accordingly.