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Santander agrees to a $3.5 million contract extension with Orioles

Orioles, Anthony Santander

The Baltimore Orioles have re-signed Anthony Santander to a $3.5 million deal. It is unclear at the moment how many years Santander has signed for, but it’s likely only one for this amount of money.

This is a smart signing for the Orioles as they are not looking to spend that much money but want to still field a team that can potentially win 70-plus games. Santander is the perfect guy as he hit .241 this season with 18 home runs. In 2020 he had an impressive season hitting .261 with a .315 on-base percentage and a .575 slugging percentage. He was able to add 11 home runs in only 37 games.

Baltimore shouldn’t be making too many moves this offseason as they are in a full rebuild process. There’s even a chance that Santander could be traded before the season starts. They’re looking to retain as many prospects and draft picks as they can to build for their future. They currently have the number one prospect in baseball, Adley Rutschman.

Although the Orioles are expected to finish in last place of the American League East once again next season, there isn’t much concern considering they are only looking to revamp for the future. There’s no reason for the Orioles to go out and waste 200 plus million dollars on a free agent when they can instead build their farm system and continue getting draft picks for the next few years.