Patriots news: Bill Belichick says 'got a lot of work to do' after season opener loss
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Patriots news: Bill Belichick says ‘got a lot of work to do’ after season opener loss

Bill Belichick, Patriots

Following their five Super Bowl win, the New England Patriots didn’t get off on the right foot to start the 2017 season falling short at home against the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was a game that they struggled on both sides of the ball, but more so defensively giving up 42 points with 537 total offensive yards for the Chiefs with six touchdowns scored with four coming from passes and two on the ground.

According to Phill Perry of, head coach Bill Belichick didn’t mince any words after the loss stating that there is plenty to improve upon heading into Week 2.

“Alright, well, we didn’t really do much of anything well enough tonight to deserve to win,” Belichick said. “We gave up 42 points, stopped on four short-yardage plays. We’ve got to coach better, got to practice better, got to play better. We’ve got a lot of work to do. I mean, that’s obvious.

Belichick will likely use the extended time of 10 days before the Patriots’ Week 2 action against the New Orleans Saints to fix the mistakes that were made against the Chiefs. This will give them more time to examine further what they didn’t do well while finer tune their game plan for New Orleans.

There is no question that Belichick will have a more prepared and motivated team next Sunday aiming to get back on track in the early goings of this 2017 season.