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Cam Newton claims he’s Jon Snow when it comes to New England’s offense

Cam Newton, Patriots, Jon Snow

There’s no denying that Cam Newton is one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL today. Nevertheless, not even the former league MVP has managed to master the notoriously complex offensive sets of the New England Patriots. Newton himself is well aware of this fact, and the 31-year-old decided to channel his inner Jon Snow to express the mindset he currently possesses.

Much like every other person out there, Newton himself is a huge fan of the epic HBO series, Game of Thrones, and for his part, the Pats quarterback sees himself as a real-life Jon Snow:

“Have I done it consistently? Not to my liking, but I am getting there,” Newton responded when asked about how he has struggled to play at a consistently elite level all season long, via Isaiah Houde of USA TODAY SPORTS. “It’s just a learning curve. It’s just learning each and every day in the famous words of a quote from Game of Thrones, ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow.’ That’s been my mentality each and every day.”

Despite his myriad of experience in the league, however, Newton remains humble and very much willing to learn. The one-time All-Pro QB also expressed how he strives to learn anything and everything he can from New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels:

“Just try and stay open-minded and learn as much as I possibly can because it may be some things and I understand how Josh works and it is so unbelievable to work with him because he makes so much in-game adjustments that you have to always to stay on your Ps and Qs because you will always say, ‘We went over that one time this week, coach. You can’t call that.’ That’s not how Josh works,” Newton added.

It is worth noting that Newton is currently dealing with an abdomen issue, and is questionable to take the field against the Los Angeles Chargers for Week 13. The general belief is he’s going to suit up, though, but it remains to be seen if this minor injury will have an adverse effect on his performance against L.A.